about ourselves

About ourselves

The OnnenChor (Stuttgart, Germany, founded in 1959) is an amateur choir with 30 members and has a repertoire of about 400 (Folk-) songs from the whole world in more than 60 languages, from the European madrigal to the African worksong. This basis is supplemented by excepts from musicals and films as well as Gospels/Spirituals. In addition we have 60 international Christmas Carols in more than 20 languages. According to our research this repertoire makes the OnnenChor unique among the world´s choirs.

This incredible variety is expressed by the choir at a high artistic level in concerts and recordings (Albums, CDs etc) as well as in radio and TV performances. Concerts a cappella or accompanied by an instrumental ensemble are performed in our local region, in Germany and in Europe. Per year up to 15 concert events are performed.

International awards and the support of the Cultural Department of the City Council of Stuttgart, along with invitations to concerts at home and abroad, testify to the quality of the Onnen Choir.

The Onnen Choir is a member in the following organizations: “Filder Choir Association”, “Swabian Choir Association” and “German Choir Association.”